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Shameless Dreamer ~

8 December 1984
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Just a girl. Who loves love. And falling in love. I dig fashion immensely. My favorite sound is Layne Staley's voice. That might sound stupid. But it's true. I have a dog named Indica. She's my baby. I'm a Daddy's girl. I love Photography & Writing. Writing's my sanctuary, and my sanity. I have fantastic friends. I would die for them. They've saved me. I am very passionate. I believe in magic. I know my worth. I pray to GOD. Jesus is my savior. I watch movies over and over again. My favorite dessert is Custard Pie. I shop at Goodwill. I do it often. I love to sleep. I'm a pack-rat. People misunderstand me, a lot. I understand a lot more than people think. I daydream a lot. I own many journals. I love college. I also love to dance. I like all kinds of music. I don't like ALL music, just different KINDS of music. I think Lady Gaga is the shit. I think Kanye West is a douche bag. Twilight rocks my socks. No seriously, I fucking love that movie. I get White Chocolate Mocha's at the coffee stands, and ask them to put 3 extra scoops of White Choc. in it. I like it very sweet. The End.